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Brand Name:Hashima
Model No.:HN-680C
Product Description:
  •  Blue LCD:New conspicuous blue LCD indicates detecting positions, detection signal levels from each coil and more information.
  • 0.8mm:This machine has adopted new design detecting sensor so that 0.8mm is available at Detecting 100mm height. It promises to increase detecting accuracy.
  • 30% up:New design detecting sensor has also good noise performance that is increased about 30% than previous model.
  • 140mm height:The maximum detecting height of previous model was 100mm only to detect 1.0mm. But the detecting height of new model HN-650C/660C is 40% up.140mm heightis available.
  • 30% up:The detecting sensitivity is more stable in the detecting area.The new model gets more stable result against NC products than before.(100 mm height)
  • Sensitivity level monitor:New designed level monitor is more easy to check the sensitivity level and detecting position lamp is divided to 10 pieces that shows foreign object exactly.
  • Return device:This machine has return device that the products return to a operator after making alarm when the machine detects foreign object in a products.
  • 40m/min(50/60Hz):This belt speed that connect to detecting speed is no.1 on this class.
  • Data collection:The detecting result is able to collected to your computer by optional software from the needle detector.The collected data can be used for analyzing.
  • Counterr/Product guider:These devices are standard equipment.
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